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Temporary Driver’s License Program Starting Soon in Illinois

On December 3rd, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office will begin accepting applications for temporary driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. In order to qualify for the license, applicants must prove that they have lived in Illinois for at least one year. They must also show that they are not eligible for a Social Security Card. Documents that will be accepted as proof include a copy of a lease, utility bills, a valid passport or consular identification card.

Applicants must also pay a $30 fee and pass vision, written and road tests. The state will then verify application information and conduct a facial recognition search against other government databases. This process may take about 15 to 20 business days, and licenses will be issued once it is complete.

These temporary driver’s licenses will be valid for three years, and applicants will be allowed to reapply after that period. However, these licenses will not serve as valid forms of identification for some purposes including boarding a plane, voting, or buying a gun.

The Chicago Tribune reported that people who come forward and report their fraud to the Secretary of State’s office will not be precluded from obtaining a valid temporary license, but their licenses could be suspended for one year. However, licenses will be denied if fraud is detected and the person has not come forward according to the Tribune. If you have had a fraudulent driver’s licenses, you would certainly want consult an experienced immigration attorney before applying for a temporary license.

The Secretary of State’s office asserts that the information gathered during the process will not be distributed to federal immigration officials. However, according to the Chicago Tribune Article, some of the information could be shared with the police if it is necessary for an investigation or if documents are subpoenaed.

Applicants must schedule an appointment to complete the tests and paperwork. Appointments can be scheduled on or by calling 855-236-1155.

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