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New Executive Action on Immigration Coming Soon

The President is preparing to announce a new set of Executive Actions he plans to take on immigration since Congress has yet to pass a comprehensive immigration reform package. Speaking during a press conference yesterday in Washington D.C., President Obama stated that he is working on ways to ease deportations of immigrants living in the country undocumented. While the President hasn’t indicated what type of relief he plans to offer, many immigrations rights activists are beginning to speculate.

The President announced earlier this summer that he would take Executive Action because Congress failed to pass a comprehensive immigration reform package before they left for a summer recess. Saying that the American people do not want the him to just twiddle his thumbs while Congress refuses to act, President Obama instructed his staff to begin coming up with actions the President can take that would not require Congressional approval. Many people believe the President will try to expand the popular Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program he initiated during the summer of 2012. The President said he plans to announce the new set of executive actions sometime towards the end of this summer.

Stay tuned to this blog for further updates regarding the President’s new proposals. If you’re interested in more information about DACA, you should contact a skilled immigration attorney for further details.

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