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Know Your Rights if ICE Comes to Your Home

ICE-300x227The President announced this week that ICE would begin massive raids to round up and deport those immigrants with past orders of deportation. The enforcement operation has now been postponed for two weeks.  If you or anyone in your home is undocumented, please take the time to look at the know your rights sheets appearing below.  You can print the Know Your Rights Card and carry it with you to present to government agents if you are encountered by ICE.

Know your Rights – Home 

Know Your Rights – Public 

Know Your Rights Card

You do not have to open the door or allow ICE agents into you home unless they have a warrant signed by a judge.  You have the right to speak to an attorney, however an attorney will not be provided to you by the government.  Some people that have final orders of removal can get relief from deportation if they meet certain criteria for immigration benefits – so call an immigration attorney immediately. Its a good idea to have a plan if you are undocumented, whether or not you have an outstanding order of removal.

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