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More Immigration Detentions are Happening in Chicago Area

In 2017, the number of undocumented immigrants being taken to Illinois ICE Detention centers has more than doubled at some locations.  In past years, immigrants who were stopped for traffic violations were seen as low priority enforcements and were not detained by Immigrant Enforcement agents (ICE) unless there was some other, more serious or outstanding criminal arrests, charges or convictions.  Now, everyone who is undocumented is fair game for immigration enforcement.  Immigrants stopped for speeding, involved in minor traffic accidents, and even those showing up in civil court need to be concerned about being arrested by ICE and taken to detention.  Bonding out of ICE detention has become more difficult, and having to  appear before an Immigration Judge to request bond is far more likely than it used to be.

If you or a relative are detained or arrested by Immigration Enforcement agents, contact a qualified immigration attorney as soon as possible to determine whether you are eligible for a bond hearing.  The time between when an immigrant enters ICE detention, is processed and his case is registered with the Immigration Court can be longer than a month.  An attorney can help you file a motion to request a bond hearing -even before your case has been processed with the Immigration Court and you receive your first hearing notice.  Not everyone is entitled to bond out of immigration detention.  Convictions for certain crimes or prior removal orders can trigger mandatory detention, in which case you must remain in custody until your immigration case is decided.

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