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Temporary Driver’s License for Undocumented Immigrants in Illinois

Highway Safety Coalition State Bill 957, the new law that will make temporary driver’s licenses available to undocumented immigrants in Illinois, will soon be going into effect. Illinois is only the fourth, and largest, state in the entire country to grant driving privileges to undocumented immigrants. Over 250,000 immigrants in Illinois are anticipated to be eligible for temporary licenses under the new law.

Opponents of the law argue that these licenses will be susceptible to fraud. However, Mayor Rahm Emanuel asserts that numerous security precautions to deal will be put in place to deal with fraud.

This new law will make the streets of Illinois safer by requiring that immigrants learn how to drive, get tested and have an insurance policy. The law will also give immigrants more freedom and mobility. For example, parents will now have the ability to drive their kids to school
To be eligible to receive a temporary driver’s license, an undocumented immigrant must:

1. Prove that they have lived in Illinois for at least 1 year;
2. Provide a valid unexpired passport or consular ID;
3. Provide any other proof of identity and residency that the Secretary of State might require;
4. Provide documentation showing that they are not eligible for a Social Security number;
5. Pass all vision, written and road tests;
6. Provide proof of insurance for the vehicle used in the road test; and 7. Pay a $30 fee.

Appointments are required. Schedule your appointment with the Secretary of State’s office starting in the middle of November.

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