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Temporary Driver’s License Program Now Open in Illinois

The Illinois Secretary of State‘s Office is now accepting applications for temporary driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Although these licenses are only a small step towards immigration reform, they can help alleviate the fears and concerns of many undocumented immigrants who risk driving, and being arrested and deported, in order to work.

In order to be eligible for the license, applicants must prove that they have lived in Illinois for at least one year. Applicants can do this by bringing a copy of a lease, utility bills, a valid passport or consular identification card, or other proof of their residency. Applicants must also pass vision and driving exams and obtain insurance before receiving a license.

The licenses will be valid for three years and can be renewed. Applicants should remember that the licenses only legalize driving within the state of Illinois. They will not serve as valid forms of identification for other purposes such as boarding a plane, voting, or buying a gun.

Estimates show that as many as 500,000 undocumented immigrants could apply for this program. Officials plan to open over 30 additional application sites throughout the next couple of months in order to deal with the large influx of applications.

Schedule an appointment at or by calling 855-236-1155. Make sure to keep calling until you get an appointment if you do not get through the first time.

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