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Domestic Violence and Immigration Proceedings

Domestic abuse and violence charges and convictions can have very serious consequences when it comes to immigration proceedings. Pleading guilty or being found guilty of a domestic abuse or violence crime automatically makes any non-U.S. citizen deportable.

Furthermore, a domestic violence conviction can make you ineligible for an adjustment of status in the United States because domestic violence type crimes have been found by U.S. courts to be a “crime involving moral turpitude.”

My experience in immigration law has allowed me to work on cases and remove clients from mandatory detention. A recent case I worked on, I was able to remove my client from mandatory detention because the crime they were originally charged with was a domestic violence type crime, but the actual crime they plead guilty to was simply an ordinance violation. Had this gone unnoticed, the client would still be in detention facing deportation.

If you are a legal permanent resident or are without status and are arrested for any domestic abuse or violence type crime, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced immigration attorney before pleading guilty or being found guilty of those charges.

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