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Deferred Inspection for Green Card Holders

A growing issue that Legal Permanent Residents are running into comes up when they travel abroad and are returning to the United States. Typically, LPRs will show their Green Card to a Customs and Border Protection agent, answer a few questions, and be allowed back into the country; however, some LPRs are running into trouble.

An issue that LPRs may face is that during their time in Customs, an arrest or conviction is being reported, which is grounds for inadmissibility, so the CBP Agent wants to investigate further. Typically, the CBP officer will then schedule the LPR for “deferred inspection.” Deferred inspection is a separate appointment that the LPR will have to return to a specified location on a specific date for another interview. Upon checking in, you will meet with a CBP officer that will conduct the interview. If your deferred inspection is because of a past arrest or conviction, that is what the interview will likely center around.

If you are a LPR and are asked to attend a deferred inspection interview, you can bring an attorney with you and in fact, it is advisable to do so because CBP can initiate removal proceedings. Consulting with an attorney prior to the deferred inspection interview will adequately prepare you for the interview as to how what types of questions will be asked, practice answering questions, and what type of documents to bring. If you have a deferred inspection interview coming up, you should contact a skilled immigration attorney to help you prepare for the interview.

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